Great Companies Who Are Making Use of Virtual Reality in Education

Great Education Companies Who Are Making Use of Virtual Reality

Both education and technology can be seen today as two sides of a coin. They are also interconnected in nature. In fact the education sector is fast changing because of the integration of technology.

Today, we would discuss on the role of Virtual reality in education and training and how different education companies are making use of Virtual reality.

Virtual Reality is comparatively are new technologies whose inclusion in the education sector is found to be of great advantage. It is not an unaccepted fact that students cannot remember all the information only with textbook reading. Until they simultaneously start real applications of what they are learning, they are not clear with the concepts.  This is why we see the use of virtual reality in education and training. Virtual Reality companies are therefore trying innovations in this technology to integrate them in education and help students gain stronger educational experience.

Edupreneurs using Virtual Reality in Education

The education companies are constantly developing virtual reality apps and technologies. Given below are five great companies who are integrating VR technology in education. Educators across the world will gain immense benefits using any of the below mentioned VR technologies in their learning program.

Google Expeditions Pioneer Program

The search giant company-Google has also developed an exciting expedition’s pioneer program. With the help of this program, schools across the world can take their students and teachers on a journey. Google team would assist the teachers in setting up and operation of this technology. This VR trip is designed like a field trip; otherwise difficult to arrange for the teachers for their students. Few of such areas where field trip is difficult are- underwater coral reef or city like Barcelona etc. The best part of this program is that, teachers will be present on the same session along with the students and can also deliver lectures on the same to help students note down relevant points.

Alchemy VR

This company is creating immersive educational experiences by helping students see and experience whole lot of different things. The experience in this platform works like a narrative. They have partnered with big giants such as Samsung, Google Expeditions, Sony, HTC, Natural History Museum in London and the Australian Museum in Sydney. So far it has made various projects for Google Expeditions and will soon experience pyramids and the human body as well.

Discovery VR

For almost 30 years, Discovery has told stories in a unique way. Now this company has its discovery VR app to help students benefit out of its valuable educational contents it has been compiling for years. Through virtual reality, perhaps now the contents that students will be accessing will become even more interesting.


This company has made VR technology in education very unique. They are a believer in the fact that VR technology need not necessarily be antisocial or one sided as one usually puts on their own headset. zSpace has introduced monitors to give a feel of 3D movie work. They have currently a list of contents available on STEM education, medical training, the general math and science experiences.

Woofbert VR

It is a tool that focuses on bringing Art and Culture to the world of VR Technology. Their intention is to bring closer art and culture studies to students and enjoy the storytelling techniques. To view the content, students could either select the path of paintings or listen to audios segments on certain exhibits. So students need not make expensive trips to galleries to check art and culture but view right from their comfort zone.

To conclude, virtual reality education companies are indeed innovating the educational experiences and taking it to the next level for best experience. They are in the true sense giving us a window into the future of education and raising the standard for future developments to take place in education.

So if you are a virtual reality company also working for the education space or know one of those edtech companies focusing on VR technology in education, do share your information with us. Educators across the world look out for valuable information on innovation ed technologies and you could help them with your information.

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