Learning Games & Activities for Toddlers

Learning Games & Activities for Toddlers

The best way to make them learn is to get them into the play and teach alongside.

Below are few games and activities that you will find useful to teach their toddlers.

Check them out below!

Number Games:

Kids are taught numerical in early age to an extent. The games below will help educators to practice the same with kids.

- Numeric Sort: Simply shuffle up a set of number cards and put them back into order as quickly as possible.

- Number Squares: You will need colored counters, a die and a copy of the board below to play this game - which will give your child lots of practice at easy addition.

Each player has a stack of counters of one color. Throw the die once, remember the number in your head, and throw again. Add the two numbers together and look for the result on the board. If it hasn't been covered already, you can put your counter on it.

When all the numbers are covered, count up to see who has the most counters and declare a winner.

- Counting Jars Game: All you need is 10 safe plastic jars or containers and small objects like beads, pebbles and so (consider the safety of kids, make sure you don’t use any sharp object ).

Use different colors of craft foam to cut out the numbers 1-10 and stick to the top of the jars just so that the numbers are visible to kids. Now fill each container with the appropriate number of small objects.

Vary the objects according to the age of the child.

Now you can do the following activities:

  • Take the jar which corresponds to the number which you are learning. Trace the number with the child's fingers (in the way in which you would write it) and say the number out loud. Ask the child to tip out the contents of the jar. Now count the contents back into the jar, saying each number out loud as you do so.
  • Tip the contents out again and make patterns with them on the table. Show your child that, however you arrange the objects, there are always the same number when you count them back into the jar.

Alphabet Games:

Alphabet games are super fun and make it easier for kids to grasp and learn in better ways. Check out the alphabet games mentioned below.

- Alphabet Race: Print out some of our alphabet cards and lay them out in a row – either alphabetically, or randomly. Have a counter for each player and a dice. Put the counters at the beginning of the row and let the youngest child roll and move their counter the appropriate number of spaces. Depending on the age of the child, you can adapt the game in many ways:

  • When you land on a letter, you say the sound that the letter makes or move back x number of spaces.
  • When you land on a letter, you say the name of that letter or move back say a word which begins (or ends) with the letter you have landed on, or move back say a noun, adjective, verb, adverb etc which begins with the letter you have landed on, or move back.

The winner is the first to reach the end of the row! This game is also very adaptable for different ages, as you can assign each child a task appropriate to their age and skill.

- Alphabet Scramble: Print out a set of alphabet cards and choose a combination which makes a word appropriate for your child's age. Scramble them up and have the child put them in the right order. You can make this game more energetic by "hiding" the cards around the room and telling the child how many cards he has to find.

It is also a fun team game: use two different sets of alphabet cards and the kids will have great fun running around each other trying to find where their cards are hidden without giving away cards to the other team!

- Alphabet Match Up: Print out and join together an alphabet strip of lower or upper case letters. Write the other case of letters onto a set of wooden clothes pegs. Ask kids to clip the clothes pegs at the correct place on the line. This also works on their knowledge of uppercase and lowercase letters.

- Alphabetical Sort: Simply shuffle up a set of alphabet cards and put them back into order as quickly as possible.

Color Games:

Color games are amazing to help kids learn about the basic color chart and the best part is that these can be incorporated for learning about other basic education of alphabets, numbers and other objects. 

- Color Sort Game: Knowledge of colors: Now this I believe is the simplest of all. All you need is various things like balls, cubes and other stuff of different colors. Next is to place buckets of respective colors. Now the kids have to sort out the things of various colors and put them in the buckets of respective colors. What educators can do is, in case you cannot get a hold of many objects of various colors, you can pick balls or simply any such object that you can get in multiple colors and good quantity.   

- Paint Game: Painting continues to be one of the favorite activities of kids from ages. This is the most common activity among kids to teach them colors. All you have to do is provide kids with images that have multiple sections. In each of the section mention a particular color and kids have to fill every section with the mentioned color. This particular activity can be more fun by incorporating vegetable painting in the same. Also, this will serve the purpose of teaching them the vegetables as well. 

- Color Wheel: The idea is simple. Educators need to have a color wheel and wooden pins. Matching to the colors on the wheel, color the pins and ask kids to clip on the pins on the section of the matching color.

Other Activities:

- These can be asking kids to recognize fruits, shapes, alphabets, colors, numbers, animals or any other particular thing. The idea is to instill them with the concept of the subject of the game. For instance educators can mix up various things in a big box and ask students to pick out all the fruits from the box. And so, this can be repeated by asking kids to pick different things every time. By doing so, educators get to know the understanding level of the kids and can assist them better in further education.   

- The other idea is to make combination of such games to help them develop the skills of critical thinking and multitasking.

Which activities do you conduct with your toddlers? Share with us in the comment section below. 

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