How Technology Can Invoke the Genius within You

How Technology Can Invoke the Genius within You

A very interesting terminology “digital natives” refers to the entire generation which was brought up in an environment loaded with technological and digital wonders.

Back in late 80’s and early 90’s, television and computer (which was the size of today’s refrigerator), were the only inspiration of children. They used to marvel at how those big electronic boxes would provide to them colored motion pictures. However, today children would not even hesitate using the palm size gadgets and thumb-sized mp3s.

21st century has indeed rolled in wonders, mostly when it comes to technological advancements. There are gadgets produced every other day, new hardware and software devices introduced frequently, making life easier for human beings. It sounds very bogus when people regard technology as an evil spirit engulfing the realities of human lives. In that case my questions to them would be; can you quit using smartphones? Will you not go to all lengths to use technology to save your life from a fatal disease? Will you compile your research sifting through heaps of books rather than using internet? Will you end up at your friends place every other day to say a hello without using Facebook or email to do the task? And finally can you simply eliminate the concept of “EDTECH” from your lives. A simple NO would be the answer to all the above mentioned array of questions.

Education in particular has been glorified by the phenomenon of digitization. Students and teachers have successfully utilized the concept of classroom flipping to extract more fun out of learning and blogging. In addition to that online applications have added more spice to it.

Technology for me is a magnet that extracts from individuals hidden potentials. We have with us live and eccentric example of a man who threw at us the notion of “think different”, Steve Jobs, who used apple as his flying carpet to set a benchmark in the field of technology.

 It is true that technology has indeed invoked some brilliant talents from within ordinary personalities. Hence, it can be stated that technology drives human skills to the level of perfection. Let us see three eminent ways that incites your genius:

Nurturing the skill of socialization:

There must be millions of individuals who are meek and shy when it comes to voicing their opinions and sharing ideas. But these days existence of online forums allow cocooned up personalities to blossom to their fullest, astonishing others. Internet is a sponge for them, which absorbs their complexes and lets them enjoy the pools of appreciation they receive from the other end of the world. They will open up like an old treasure that had held rare gems for so long. The same theory is applicable for all those students who shy away in class at teachers’ questions and turn out to be most active on Weebly, twitter or other online forums teachers maintain.

Revelations of research:

Internet surfing for many is a spare or leisure time hobby; whereas few intelligently surf to do research that reaps benefits. Put it this way, a programmer may research to find some useful method or technique that will help him do some miracle in the field of programming.  A doctor may end up diagnosing a disease through ample research on the causes of the ailment. An environmentalist may end up finding a unique solution to pollution or emission of toxic gases in air. Research reveals different hidden aspects that may be taken differently by different brains. Everyone has a special and unique ability to react to information. It is a mind game, and technology knows how to play it well. 

Harvest multiple crops in the field of mind:

The biggest advantage I believe is the aspect of globalization, introduced by technology: Where no boundaries exist when it comes to learning and seeking knowledge. This advantage has embedded students with various skills that help them outshine among others. A student in his class is bound to be a topper if he has appeared for IELTS, TOEFL or GMAT. His knowledge pail is more filled than other classmates. All because he utilized technology smartly, augmenting his brain with multiple layers of edification.

Just one quotation to end my discussion:  “New technology is common, new thinking is rare.” Sir Peter Blake

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Author: Lorena alice
Lorena Alice is a reticent girl with an obsession with scarves and an intense passion for everything academic. Her passion led her to a prominent company Elite Dissertation, which she’s been serving for over 2 years.

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